Our Mission

Hoya Shop Mission Statement


To provide Canadians with the largest selection and best quality Hoya that you can be proud of. 

Quality Selection


Every Hoya sold here at Hoya Shop is hand-picked just for you. Our horticulturalists manage an inventory of over 60 species for your shopping pleasure. 


One thing that we’ve all experienced: if you buy quality, you buy once. If you buy cheap, you buy twice. More money and time is wasted in buying a low-quality product.


Purchasing a high quality Hoya that brings you years of joy is worth more than the time, money, and frustration dealing with poor quality specimens. 


Environmental Sustainability


All of our Hoya are ethically farmed and not collected from the wild. This ensures that they are not depleting the wild supply of these beautiful plants from some of the most delicate ecosystems in the world. 


One of our biggest challenges right now is finding environmentally friendly packing material, most importantly, styrofoam boxes. 


Styrofoam boxes are extremely damaging to the environment. However, there are currently no best alternatives for winter-safe packaging. In order to combat this, we use high-quality styrofoam boxes that you can be reused for years to come. Whether that's shipping out your own Hoya, sharing Hoya with friends, or using it as a cooler at the beach.

Giving Back


We donate 5% of our profits to Rainforest Trust.


Rainforest Trust is a charity that allocates resources through 100+ active projects around the world.


To date, they have successfully protected 18 billion trees, 456 species of endangered birds, and 296 endangered mammal species. 


View their current active projects at