Hoya Rosita 'Wayetii X Tsangii'

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Hoya Rosita 'Wayetii X Tsangii' - Buy Now!

If you’re an avid Hoya collector, you gotta have a Hoya Rosita 'Wayetii X Tsangii' in your collection. 

The Hoya Rosita 'Wayetii X Tsangii'’s got cute leaves that start green and turn orange to red when it’s happy. It’s also one of the easiest and fastest-growing Hoya plants. 

For those that recently bought a Hoya Rosita 'Wayetii X Tsangii', we recommend putting your Hoya Rosita 'Wayetii X Tsangii' in a south-facing window and potting it with a trellis. It’ll be putting out tons of leaves in no time!

Baby Collection by Hoya Shop Canada

This Hoya Rosita 'Wayetii X Tsangii' is part of Hoya Shop’s Baby Collection. The Baby Collection features well-rooted starter Hoya that’s ready to grow right out of the box. We’ll always pick the best one out of the batch for you but it’s first come first serve! 

Hoya Shop’s Baby Collection is also suited for mixing and matching since they’re so well-priced. You can buy multiple Baby Hoya and put them in the same pot! 

Why Buy From Hoya Shop?

If you care about quality and selection, Hoya Shop is your best bet for buying Hoya plants online in Canada. Every one of your Hoya plants are cared for individually and professionally inspected for quality before we ship them right to your front door. 

If you have any questions about the Hoya Rosita 'Wayetii X Tsangii', it’s easy to contact us!

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