Featured Hoya Plants for June 11, 2021 Release

Featured Hoya Plants for June 11, 2021 Release

2021 Jun 7th

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June 11, 2021 Release at 7:00 PM PST | 10:00 PM EST

Name: Hoya Kerrii Variegata

Hoya Shop Pro Tip:
Hoya Kerrii plants do very well in direct sunlight. They’re almost like cacti in that their succulent leaves hold a lot of water. The most common mistake plant mom and dads make for this Hoya plant is overwatering. The Hoya Kerrii doesn’t like a lot of water. Whenever it’s not growing, you may be tempted to water it more and that’s what can kill your Hoya Kerrii completely.

If you want to grow the Hoya Kerrii well, make sure to place it in a south window where it can get a lot of sunlight. It’s a slow grower so you need to be patient. If it’s not growing, it doesn’t mean it needs more water. More than likely it needs more humidity and light.

Name: Hoya Sunrise

Hoya Shop Pro Tip:
This is one of the easiest Hoya to grow and bloom. It’s a fast grower that responds quickly to changing growing conditions. If it’s not growing well in low light, it will start to show signs of growth quickly as soon as you put it in more light and warmer temperatures.

The great thing about the Hoya Sunrise is that it blooms multiple times a year under regular care. The blooms are beautiful and have a strong sweet scent that will fill your room.

Name: Hoya Krohniana Silver

Hoya Shop Pro Tip:
The Hoya Krohniana Silver is a must-have if you like small Hoya that puts out a ton of leaves. Unlike bigger leaf Hoya, the Hoya Krohniana grows compact and stays small. It’s also pretty easy to grow. It doesn’t require much care and if you’re patient, will put on leaf after leaf in a string pattern.

The Hoya Krohniana Silver can do well in all types of conditions however it is a very slow grower. When a Hoya is a slow grower, it means it does not uptake much water. Therefore, do not overwater!

Name: Hoya Caudata Sumatra

Hoya Shop Pro Tip:
The Hoya Caudata Sumatra is a very unique Hoya. Hoya are typically known as the “wax plant” as their leaves are smooth and shiny like candle wax. However, the Hoya Caudata Sumatra is different. It’s got leaves that almost feel like sandpaper. The edges of the leaves are jagged and sharp to touch.

In terms of growing the Hoya Caudata Sumatra, it’s fairly easy to grow. It grows slowly, doesn’t require much water, and blooms readily even when the plant is small. Under the right conditions, the Hoya Caudata Sumatra will put out long furry tendrils before putting out new leaves. It’s a Hoya that likes to grow more like a vine than a compact bunch.

Name: Hoya Waymaniae Borneo

Hoya Shop Pro Tip:
The Hoya Waymaniae sometimes doesn’t even feel like a plant. It’s got leaves that are so stiff that they feel like plastic. A beautiful plant that looks like it came out of the most exotic jungle you never want to be in. It grows very slowly and their rarity makes them very rewarding to grow.